The World’s First Dronie Centerfold

The World’s First Dronie Centerfold

“Buffalo’s Largest Dronie” featuring, who’s who startup and tech locally. When asked by event organizer Clark Dever if we’d be able and willing to shoot this and that it was going to be the centerfold for the April 15th issue of “The Public” I quickly said yes. As you can see, we all had a good time. Enjoy!


ps – The Buffalo Unconference will take place this Saturday, from 9am – 5pm at the BNMC Innovation Center.

Special thanks to…
Clark Dever @clarkdever
Steve Raines @stevenraines
Dan Gigante @dangigante
Nicholas Barone @nb3004
Steve Poland @popo
Dan Magnuszewski @magnachef
Eben Piazza @EbenPiazza
Steve Kiernan II @Steve Kiernan
Jack McGowan @InsyteJack
Taylor Atkinson @TJ_Atkinson
Jordan Walbesser @JordanWalbesser
Mike Canzoneri @MikeCanz
George Hampton @GDHamp
Tyler Flemming @tflemwad
Mike Zorn @miex0r
Bill Boulden @Spruke
Markel Vega @MarkelVega
David Thiemecke @DavidThiemecke
Adrian Dayton @AdrianDayton
Mark Zorn @MarkZorn
Jonathan Gorczyca @Watch84
Robert Maefs @thetrebor
Jon Spitz @jonpspitz
Peter Cimino @PeterJCimino
Patrick Whalen @patjwhalen
Elizabeth Callahan @Bflo_girl

One of the shots that wasn’t chosen for The Public.


Check these guys out at Buffalo Unconference this Saturday.

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