Moscow & Budapest Drone- Summer 2015

Moscow & Budapest Drone- Summer 2015

I had the opportunity to travel to Moscow & Budapest for a few aerial photography shoots this July. It was my first time in Europe so I jumped at the opportunity. I had a wedding to shoot in Budapest for Drew & Katya and a commercial shoot in Moscow. Not only did I visit Europe, I was able to travel with friends and document the trip. Luckily for you, Chad scrapped 99% of it on the cutting room floor.

As the trip came up, I was reminded by almost everyone to keep to myself and keep a close eye on my kidneys. As usual, I did the complete opposite and met many great people- and I still have both kidneys. If you ever get the opportunity to visit either of these cities, I highly recommend it. I’ll be going back very soon. I was most impressed with the architecture, weather, sky and people. While the people were culturally different, I found that Russians and Hungarians were both very welcoming and accommodating. It was interesting that we were each initially intimidated by the other until we started communicating.

Enjoy the video, I hope you like it. Special thanks to Irina Sagieva, Slava Timoshenko & Wall-E, my partners in Todd Squad, LTD. (our fictitious international advertising agency). I’m heading back to Europe in a week, follow us on instagram to see more of Amsterdam, Norway, Istanbul & Moscow.

Todd Salansky


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